Become a Partner of SeqHim

To be successful in our mission, SeqHim needs partners that bring many different skills and resources to the table.  We’ve added a page  that describes what it means to be a partner with SeqHim, and I would like you to check it out when you have a chance.

There is a new “Partner” link at the top of the site, or you can simply click here.

Announcing the SeqHim Monthly Newsletter

Anyone is now able to subscribe to SeqHim content in four different ways, including one that is brand new…the monthly newsletter. Allow me to summarize briefly…

  • SeqHim on Twitter. You can catch a stream of tweets from SeqHim on Twitter.
  • SeqHim Blog Posts via Email. You can have blog posts sent to you via Email.
  • SeqHim Blog Posts via RSS. You can have blog posts delivered to you through RSS.
  • SeqHim Monthly Newsletter. You can receive the SeqHim newsletter delivered to you monthly.

To learn more about these options and to subscribe, check out our new subscription page.

Announcing SeqHim Release 2!


I’m excited to announce that we have made some significant changes to!

There are two significant changes in this release.  First, the site moved from to a standalone instance of wordpress that I am hosting myself (through a hosting provider).  This gives us more flexibility to extend and customize the site in the future.

Second, the look and feel are clearly different.  The goal is to make more relevant information more accessible to you.  I would love to have your feedback…it’s very important to us.

I expect “point releases” to come out in relatively short order.  In these smaller, quicker releases, we’ll add incremental value to the site that is enabled by the new platform.  For example, two of the first quick hits will be a discussion forum and wiki functionality.  The former will be used as a way of facilitating conversation initiated by the community rather than by the blogger.  The later will be used by a small number of experienced disciple-makers to form community guidance in the hearing, believing, and obeying categories that I have been speaking of on my blog.

Beyond that, we’ll continue moving toward a vision that I have alluded to but have not spelled out.  That’s not because I’m afraid someone will “rip off” what I think is an innovative idea or because I want to sell it or whatever.  Honestly, it’s because the vision is advancing so quickly that I can’t stop to put anything down on paper yet.  The vision is moving forward faster than the implementation as a matter of fact!  But, hopefully I can at least put a stake in the ground once we get through the deployment of this second release.

Finally, to all of those who have been reading the seqhim blog…thank you!  We’re a modest-sized but like-minded crowd with which God can do great things as long as we humble ourselves before Him and remain obedient to “all He has commanded” us. 

Please continue with me in this journey…I’m convinced that the story God is writing here will be a benefit for many generations to come!

In great love for you and for our Savior,

Who has Impacted Your Spiritual Development?

I’m currently talking to a few people I know about starting an disciple-maker network.  This network is an online community of experienced faith coaches, spiritual mentors, disciple-makers, encouragers, whatever you want to call them exactly.  Basically, they are people who are intentionally and successfully helping other people in their walk with Christ.

I’m looking for as many of these people to seed the network as possible.  And so, I’m asking you for help.  You cannot nominate yourself, but I do ask that you nominate someone who has had a notable positive spiritual impact on your life. 

Here’s what you can do in three simple steps:

  1. Get their approval before sending me any of their information.
  2. Send me a brief description of your relationship and how this person helped you in your walk.
  3. Send me an email address (or other contact information) so I can speak with this person about the network and what we’re asking of folks who join it.

Feel free to reply to this post, or send me an email at

Thanks in advance for your help!  I’m excited to see what God will do with such a community.  I’ll keep everyone posted on new developments through this blog.

RSS and Email Susbcription Now Available

I’m now using feedburner for rss and email subscription services.  You should see the links in the sidebar.  If you have any trouble with it, please let me know.

The recent site updates are part of a critical path checklist for a broader launch of this site/blog.  Thanks for your patience.  I’m looking forword to getting this done so I can continue the discipleship series.

Today’s Changes

I spent my time today polishing up some of the meta data for this site, preparing it for a broader launch in the next several days.  Updating the about pages, adding a few internal links, etc.  Certainly not done with this, but I expect to get back to the main topic tomorrow. 

In the meantime, I continue to pray for you all daily (yes, I really do…not just saying that) in your efforts to genuinely follow Christ and help others to do the same!

RSS Feeds and Other Links

I’ve added a few links in the sidebar, a couple of which are feeds of this blog’s posts and comments. IE, and evidently Firefox, are not automagically detecting them, but they do work in facebook, gmail, yahoo, etc. Not sure why they are not being detected by browsers.